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Do you know how the touch screen is sensed?
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
When we come into contact with new things, we will be very curious, what kind of technology it uses, can be used in this way, our touch screen is the same, then do you know how touch screen is sensed? Let’s take a look below .

How to operate the touch screen to achieve PLC program control
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
1. Touch screen is actually called a man-machine interface, a man-machine control method that can communicate with the control device. It can be imagined as a collection of buttons and indicator lights.
2. To understand the working principle of touch screen, you must understand communication. We know that a button must control a contactor and must have electrical signal transmission, which is a switch value.
3. For touch screen to control a contactor, a controller must be used to control the contactor, such as "PLC". First, touch screen must understand the device to be controlled, that is, there must be a communication protocol for the controller, such as MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CAN etc.