Application field of industrial touch screen

Although there are many types of touch technology at present, each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, and no one technology is the ultimate. In recent years, some people have just begun to clearly propose the definition of hybrid touch technology, that is, to choose two or more touch recognition systems on a touch surface, so that multiple touch technologies can complement each other. The purpose. The product has developed a hybrid industrial touch screen based on capacitive and resistor types. The industrial touch screen can be used according to the actual operation of the stylus and fingertips, and is suitable for multi-touch, which significantly improves the identification efficiency of the industrial touch screen. With the continuous improvement of customers' touch technology standards, a single touch technology can undoubtedly not meet everyone's needs. Therefore, hybrid touch technology will definitely become one of the future development prospects of touch technology.
The industry of industrial touch screens is mainly industrial products represented by equipment and machinery, and its regularity is closely related to the middle and lower reaches of the industry. The ups and downs of industrial products produced by the world's economic cycles are harmful to the industry. When the economic development is rising, the market demand for industrial products remains abundant, which promotes the improvement of touch screen requirements; when the economy is down, the requirements for industrial products will be reduced to a certain extent, and then the requirements for touch screens will be reduced to a certain extent. With the in-depth penetration of touch screens in the human-computer interaction technology industries such as smart wearable devices, car interception touch, smart home systems, etc., the types of smart terminals will become more diverse, and the overall market capacity of touch screens will weaken the consumer electronic equipment sales market The harm caused by the transformation again has the characteristics of a certain level of Shun Kang wave cycle.
   With the promotion of mobile communication technology and big data technology, people have stepped into the information age. Daily massive amounts of data enter everyone’s sight based on the displays of products such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions. With the development trend of technology, the rapid development of 4g and the advent of the 5G era, intelligent systems and touch control have become the fashion trends of the era. As a key page of human-computer interaction technology, the display has become more and more prominent in the whole process of information transmission. The future life will be a world of touch control and remote control. With the improvement and further development of new optoelectronic technology, the main uses of LCD screens will continue to expand, and they will be widely used in smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and tables. Computer, public record and query terminal equipment, industrial production dashboard, vehicle interception display information, smart wearable equipment, and all human-computer interaction technology terminal equipment.
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