Optical effects that can be made
AR (Enhanced Transmission and Reduction)
Cover lens transmittance: 94% ~ 99%
Cover lens reflectivity: 0.5% ~5%
Surface wear resistance: AR+AF, No. 0 steel wool 2kg force, 20000 frictions.
Salt spray test: 5% NaCl salt water concentration, 48℃, test 480H.
Production process: evaporation, sputtering, immersion
AG (anti-glare)
Gloss value required by customers can be customized. Gloss 70 is recommended normally, which has the best anti-glare effect and visual effect.
Normal gloss control tolerance: ±15%.
Production process: chemical etching process (long service life),
Coating process (high gloss value consistency, high gloss value can be used),
Spraying process (falling off, poor reliability)
Full fit process capability
Size: 1.8”~ 32”
Material: OCA, liquid silicon, silicone OCA
Coping with various LCM assembly methods, including: package frame LCM, conventional iron frame LCM, conventional thick iron frame LCM