The basic concept of full fit
As a new force in touch screens and displays, Yunshang Electronics is constantly adding new value-added services to enhance our market competitiveness and enable customers to push their products to a new level. The projected capacitive touch product series on the cloud are being applied in many industries, including solutions that use touch technology in extreme environments.
Since many display products are operated outdoors and under extreme climatic conditions, the readability and durability of these products are very important. Other functions of the touch screen include keeping the surface clean, eliminating scratches, keeping away from moisture, and having the ability to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.
These requirements can be achieved by using optical binding. Yunshang Electronics has invested a lot of energy in research and development, so that the touch screen and the display screen can be directly bonded, and the size can reach up to 42 inches.
Why choose full-fit touch screen
The display principle of ordinary screen in the sun
Ordinary users directly add the touch screen to the surface of the LCD screen, and there is an air gap between the touch screen and the LCD screen, so that three reflective surfaces are formed from the outside to the inside: the touch screen surface, the touch screen and the air, and the air and the touch screen. If there is no special treatment, the reflectivity of the external light on each reflecting surface is approximately 4.2%, and the external light reflected by the three reflecting surfaces is 12.6%, which is 1260 lumens.
If the screen surface brightness is 1000 lumens, there are two reflective surfaces from the inside to the outside, the LCD screen to the air, and the air to the back of the touch screen. After the reflection of the two reflective surfaces, the brightness of the touch screen surface is 916 lumens.
This allows us to see that the brightness of the useful light in the display is lower than the brightness of the reflected light. The reflected light makes the white brighter, drowning out black and other colors. This makes the LCD screen poorly readable under strong light.
The display principle of the fully fitted screen in the sun
In order to increase the readability of the LCD screen under strong light, the external contrast of the LCD screen must be increased. Increasing the backlight brightness of the display and reducing the brightness of the reflected light can both increase the external contrast value.
Increasing the brightness of the backlight will increase the power consumption of the LCD screen, and heat will reduce the reliability of the display. Therefore, the most fundamental method is to reduce the brightness of the reflected light.
In the optical binding display screen, the touch screen or protective glass is bonded to the polarizer on the front surface of the LCD screen with transparent optical glue. Since the refractive index glass of the optical glue is almost the same, both are 1.5, the two reflective surfaces are eliminated. At the same time, the outer surface of the touch screen or the protective glass is plated with an AR anti-reflection layer, so that the entire reflectivity to external light is only 0.4%. Lower reflection loss means higher contrast. 500 lumens with backlight, readable under daylight; 800 lumens, readable under strong light.
Optical binding not only greatly improves the readability of the display under strong light, but also increases the reliability of the display in harsh environments.
Benefits of fully bonded optical binding
Optical binding eliminates the gap between the touch screen and the display. Compared with the traditional bonding technology, the advantages of full bonding are obvious.
  • Improve daylight readability up to 400%
  • Improve impact resistance up to 300%
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Can adopt lighter and thinner display design
  • Prevent condensation and fogging
  • Resistant to stains, dirt, dust, scratches and moisture