Touch has never been so exciting
The touch screen is a rapidly developing technology that originated in the 1970s and aims to provide users with the simplest and most direct input experience.
The emergence of capacitive touch screens helped iphone change the world,
Its principle is to determine the specific position of one or more fingers by detecting the change in capacitance value on the surface of the touch screen.
It supports a complete multi-touch function including complex gestures, and the reaction speed is extremely sensitive, bringing users an extraordinary experience.
The capacitive touch screen has the following advantages:
  • Rong touch screen only needs to touch, and does not need pressure to generate signals.
  • Capacitive touch screens require only one or no calibration after production, while resistive technology requires conventional calibration.
  • The life of the capacitive solution will be longer, because the components in the capacitive touch screen do not require any movement.
  • Capacitive technology is superior to resistive technology in terms of light loss and system power consumption.
  • The surface capacitive type can be used for large-size touch screens, and the comparability is relatively low. The inductive capacitive type is mainly used for small and medium-sized touch screens, and can support gesture recognition.
  • Capacitive technology is wear-resistant, has a long life, and has low maintenance costs when used by users.
  • Capacitive touch screens can support multi-touch technology, and unlike resistive touch screens, the response is slow and not easy to wear.

Finger touch
Can automatically recognize various fingers, support up to 10 real touches
Pen touch
Supports a slender passive stylus, which can sense points as small as 1 mm, which improves handwriting capture and portability, making it easier to complete delicate tasks or navigation.
Glove touch
The touch detection function is realized through gloves up to 5 mm thick, the comprehensive multi-touch function through thin gloves (<1 mm), and the two-point plus gesture support through thick gloves (>2 mm).
Waterproof touch
Accurately track wet or sweaty fingers to prevent accidental touches caused by water marks on the screen, and the touch screen will not pause or freeze in a humid environment

All glass structure
The most mature manufacturing process in the world so far, with high stability and highest optical clarity. The transmittance of ordinary glass reaches 90~92%. After the antireflection treatment, the transmittance of 98%~99.5% can be achieved.