What smart devices are mainly involved in the touch screen?

The development of current products in the industry is still relatively acceptable. For example, our capacitive touch screens are also the same. They are still widely used in the industry. Then which smart devices are mainly involved in touch screens?
Although there are many types of touch technology at present, each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, and no one technology is perfect. In recent years, some people have begun to propose the concept of hybrid touch technology, that is, two or more touch recognition technologies are used on one touch surface to achieve the purpose of complementing the advantages and disadvantages of multiple touch technologies. Developed a capacitive and resistive hybrid touch screen, which can be operated by a stylus and fingers, supports multi-touch, etc., which significantly improves the recognition efficiency of the touch screen. With the continuous improvement of users' requirements for touch technology, a single touch technology certainly cannot meet people's needs, so hybrid touch technology will definitely become one of the development directions of touch technology in the future.
   The touch screen industry is mainly consumer electronic products represented by smart phones, tablet computers, TVs, etc., and its periodicity has a greater relationship with downstream industries. The fluctuations in electronic products brought about by global economic fluctuations have a certain impact on the industry. When the economy is booming, the market demand for consumer electronic products remains strong, which drives the increase in demand for touch screens; when the economy is down, the demand for consumer electronic products will decline, thereby reducing the demand for touch screens. With the in-depth penetration of touch screens in the fields of human-computer interaction such as smart wearable devices, in-vehicle touch controls, and smart homes, the variety of terminal devices will become more abundant, and the overall market size of touch screens will weaken the impact of changes in the consumer electronics market. A certain degree of pro-business cycle characteristics.
Driven by mobile communication technology and Internet technology, human beings have entered the information age, and massive amounts of information enter our vision through the display screens of mobile phones, computers, TVs and other products every day. With the development of technology, the rapid development of 4G and the advent of the 5G era, intelligence and touch control have become the trend of the times. As an important interface of human-computer interaction, the display screen plays an increasingly prominent role in the process of information transmission. The future world will be a world of touch control and remote control. With the maturity and further development of new display technologies, the application field of liquid crystal displays will also continue to expand, and will be widely used in smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers. , Public information query terminals, industrial instruments, vehicle displays, wearable devices, and all human-computer interaction terminals.
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