Industrial touch screen rejects bad faults and overcomes it

  When the product fails, you will choose to repair it at the first time, but the repair method is very important. If you don’t choose the right one, it will make the product worse. The same is true for industrial touch screens. Let’s introduce its repair. method!
Maintenance method
1. The touch screen and buttons are all malfunctioning (some of them will be normal for a while when the machine is turned on): add soldering or replace the touch IC; add soldering or replace the CPU; write software (keys fail, normal touch is generally a button stuck)
2. The touch screen is malfunctioning. The keys are normal: change the touch screen. Add solder or change the touch IC. Plant the CPU. Check for broken wires or short circuits. (Normal software and CPU are broken but rare)
   3. The touch screen deviation can be corrected, but it is still deviation after correction: the touch screen is deliberately changed when the factory is restored or the grid chip (last 1M) is calibrated.
4. The calibration screen will be displayed after booting. Calibration can be done, but it cannot be completed. Always let the calibration: Change the touch screen grid code to write the full font, plant the CPU welding or change the touch IC to check whether there are open circuits around the touch IC. Change the cable of the clamshell machine.
5. If the touch fails, the disassembly is normal, and the installation fails again: the four sides of the touch screen are too tight and the sealing strip is removed. The root of the touch screen lead is broken and connected to the motherboard and related components are soldered.
The above is the industrial touch screen explained by the editor to reject bad faults and overcome it, hoping to help everyone. If you want to know more about the industrial touch screen, please consult and follow us.