Do all electronic products use touch screens?

Touch screens are installed in industry, in daily life, and in some electronic equipment. Why? Because it is also convenient to use, especially in some large shopping malls, famous jewelry stores, or restaurants, Or a clothing store. If you don’t know the route, you can use the touch screen to check it. It is convenient and simple, and the operation is simple. Some young children can learn it, indicating that the touch screen is more practical and worth more. Industry to choose!
        The difference between a touch screen and an industrial tablet computer lies in the internal hardware. Most of the product choices for industry are industrial motherboards. The difference between it and commercial motherboards is that it is not mass-produced and the product model is relatively stable. The difference in application experience is actually the same, but the interface of the engineering machine is professional. Make a notebook and add some peripheral interfaces even if it is a simple industrial tablet or engineering machine, the program is not included. There will be a big difference in stability, which is also the main difference between ordinary machines and engineering machines and tablets.
The application fields of industrial touch screens are very wide, and they can be used in factories and workshops of various industries. Industrial touch screens can be widely used in various fields such as telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defense, industrial automation equipment, manufacturing, etc., as man-machine interfaces, clients, communication and control terminals such as PLC and POS.
Not all digital products are suitable for use with touch screens, especially laptops. The inherent shape of a notebook computer determines its operating experience. The relatively fixed screen and keyboard positions are ergonomically designed, but with a touch screen, the high-definition resolution will cause you to involuntarily approach the screen and increase the burden on your eyes. In addition, the operation form will also bring a lot of potential damage to the body. For example, if you need to raise your arm to touch the screen, you use a lot of shoulder and torso muscles and arm muscles, which is four times that of a traditional computer!