What is the future trend of touch screen displays?

The future market trend of touch screen displays. According to relevant data, the average annual compound growth rate of the global touch screen display market from 2012 to 2016 increased by 17.7 percent. One of the main factors that promote the growth of the market is the widespread use of smart phones and large-size touch-screen tablet computers.
1. Multi-touch is a multi-point or multi-user interactive operation mode on the same display interface, which abandons the single-point operation mode of keyboard and mouse, so it has stronger maneuverability.
2. The user can perform single-point touch with both hands, or touch the screen with different gestures such as single-click, double-tap, pan, press, scroll, and rotate to achieve arbitrary manipulation, so as to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the relevant features of the object. Have a wider range of applications.
3. The corresponding touchpad, touch software and multimedia system can be customized according to customer needs; it can be used in conjunction with professional graphics software, so the development scalability is better.
More and more touch screen manufacturers are adopting single glass touch screen displays and other displays due to characteristics such as high transmission capacity and low cost. Apple is in the process of adopting an in-cell touch panel to display its next-generation iPhone due to its higher yield compared to a double-glazed touch screen display and a single glass touch screen display. Therefore, the increase of preference for single glass touch screen display is the main factor leading to market growth.
The main driving force of the touch screen market is the widespread application of smart phones and tablets. Due to the increased features offered by smartphones compared to feature phones, smartphones have gained huge prestige among consumers. The rapid popularity of touch screen computers, especially large-size tablet computers, has become a next-generation computing device, which has injected strong impetus into the development of the touch screen display market.