Custom capacitive screen-shenzhen touch screen manufacturer

In this era of increasingly fierce competition, efficiency is very important. The current era is an era of fast fish eating slow fish, and the delivery time is too high.
Long manufacturers often lose customers for this reason. Custom capacitive screens require a reliable and professional touch screen manufacturer to make samples.
At the same time, some professional advice is needed.

Just last week, a Mr. Zhang searched for "customized capacitive screen" and found Yunshang touch screen factory to consult and the customer service needed to customize a capacitive screen.
The customer service staff simply communicated with Mr. Zhang and left the contact information. The customer service staff asked the sales staff to contact, and Mr. Zhang gave the drawings to the sales staff.
After assessing the relevant information, it will be sent to the engineering staff for assessment and communication, and the relevant information needs to be revised or communicated with Mr. Zhang.
What materials are used, etc.

After the communication, confirm the delivery date and finalize the plan for payment. We will arrange the plan and make sure that the product will be delivered within the specified delivery period.
In the hands of the customer.