Industrial touch screen-support ten-point touch

With the development of artificial intelligence, more and more intelligent technology are used nowadays, achieving technologies that were not available before and better reflecting
Data graphics, that is, the combination of industrial touch screen + display screen has the current human-computer interaction interface.

A few days ago, a customer from Jiangsu, Mr. Chen, searched for "industrial touch screen" and found that the front of Yunshang Touch Screen Factory was simple
Communicated his needs, the customer service staff said that we can do it and we also have the same size, so we need a
It is used on the touch screen of industrial computer and has certain requirements for temperature.

The salesperson simply communicated with Mr. Chen through the phone, and determined that this 13.3-inch industrial touch screen is fully fitted and anti-corrosion.
Water and multi-touch solutions, the display uses an industrial-grade display, which can meet customer demand for temperature.