21.5 inch Inch touch screen customized manufacturer

The 21.5-inch touch screen is a commonly used size, and it is also a size touch screen chosen by more customers.
With the advancement of generations, everyone is getting higher and higher quality of products, but some manufacturers can’t keep up with the pace of customers’ quality requirements.
Understand that the low-price strategy adopted by enterprises in order to receive orders greatly affects the quality of the products, so it is necessary to be cautious when looking for a factory.

If you have a demand for a 21.5-inch touch screen, but you can’t find a good manufacturer, you might as well come to Yunshang Touch Screen Factory. As a company with a 12-year system
Experienced manufacturers have been steadfast in quality for so many years, making cost-effective touch screens for everyone.
The following are the parameters of this 21.5-inch touch screen:
Model: CT-C8757-21.5 inch
Brand: Yunshang Touch Screen Factory
Type: Capacitive touch screen
Screen type: flat
Dimensions: 525.00 (L) × 312.00 (W) mm
Display ratio: 16:9
Viewing area: 477.00(L)×269.00(W)mm
Working temperature and humidity range: -10℃+60℃, ≤85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity range: -10℃+65℃, ≤85%RH
Transparency: >85%
Surface hardness: >6H
Working conditions: 5V (DC)
Interface mode: USB
Touch screen structure: G+G
Touch screen type: COB
IC: Yili
Response time: <10mS
Uses: advertising machine, inquiry machine, vending machine
Shelf life: 1 year