American astronauts will use touch screens for the first time in space missions

American astronauts plan to use touch screens in the space capsule, and they will be the first astronauts to use touch screens to fly into space.
According to the New York Post (NY POST), two astronauts from the United States, Doug Hurley and Bob Bain Kempen, plan to board the "Dragon" on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on the 27th. The spacecraft heads to the International Space Station. However, the launch mission was temporarily suspended due to weather.
This spacecraft is equipped with the latest operating tools. Astronauts will use the touch screen to slide on the screen instead of flipping a switch or a turntable. Hurley said at a press conference that as an astronaut, his entire career has been to control the spacecraft in a certain way, but this time is very different from the past, "When you use the touch screen to input You have to be very cautious when sending information, not like using a joystick. For example, when driving an airplane, if I push the joystick forward, it will drop, but now I have to use the touch screen in concert to achieve this."
It is reported that the astronauts will be equipped with special gloves to facilitate their access to the screen. As for whether the touch screen will be popularized in space navigation in the future, Bainken still said that it should be treated with caution, “For all flights, the correct answer is that you don’t have to switch to touch screens. For our missions, The touch screen will provide this capability well. But it may not be able to operate as we imagined, especially when we are wearing spacesuits and trying to enter space."
According to reports, the launch mission was temporarily suspended due to weather. This mission is also the first manned launch mission at a space base in Florida since the end of the U.S. space program in 2011.